Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Blog

I've created a new tumblr for blogging. I hope you all check it out. I'll be able to update on my phone, a definite win for the B team.
The updates will be mostly pictures, or that's what I'm hoping for.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm sooo sorry

This bloog has died, I'm sorry. I love y'all for reading. Maybe I'll start another blog up sometime in the future when i have a more steady internet connection, a more working computer and that jazz. Catch you on the flip side. -BriKi

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I spoke too soon

I finally compressed and made available my summer's opus. This cutout animation is called The Sea. Hope you love it as much as everyone else did. It is also an ad for OFF, the local film fest. The quality will probably be a little low until the 24th.

This whole no Internet thing

makes giving you all my blog love really hard. School starts up soon and so I might be able to start doing a weekly thing, but i can't promise anything. This may be the end of the house of brain as we know it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fanny Packs

I thought y'all might enjoy this. Just found this handy little guide to make a fanny pack hosted by two dirty hipsters. I want the guys dookie chain, but otherwise they look ridiculous. Though I find the idea of buying a fanny pack unappealing, I do enjoy the idea of making a fanny pack. Inside of me is a little DIY punk gremlin trying to get out. Too bad I don't have access to a sewing machine or the skills to use it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Capitol Hill Block Party Part 2

Here it is, my eagerly awaited (completely ignored) report on the second day of the Capitol Hill Block Party.

July 25th
I got to the party around 2 o'clock and the madness started immediately. I started off by heading over to the Awesome Color concert happening at the Neumo's Stage.
The concert was Awesome as was promised and included many sweet ass break downs like this one:

Sometime in the middle of the show while I was hanging out enjoying the music, a middle aged man wearing sunglasses indoors came up to the front of the stage and started headbanging wildly. He was obviously skunk drunk and had a friend trying to keep him under control. While Awesome Color has a loud and fun show, they did not merit the sort of 'I'm a fucktard and listen to Korn' or 'I'm a juggalo' kind of headbanging that this man was doing.
During a short break, he asked the band what their name was and when told did not understand and expressed great dismay at them not being this other band he was excited about. I recall him later saying that he thought that this band was great and that oxycodone is a great name for a band. The bouncer laughed and told him to shutup.

I hung around there for Hotels. Hotels is nice new wave-esque kind of band. They were fairly good, but i wasn't hooked.

The next band I saw was surprisingly good. I'd never expected to listen to a band that admitted that it was emo and say, "wow, i could listen to this a few more times and not hate it." PELA is what emo was before MTV killed it and has carried on the old emo tradition. PELA has no whiny vocals and has a sound closer to a slow hardcore than to fallout boy. The main problem I had with them was that they all dressed like bros, but I'm willing to let it slide.

Next I saw the Maldives, a sort of bluegrass/folk/country rock band. Being a sucker for bluegrass and folk I loved the band. For some of their songs they had more of a Classic Southern Rock sound, another diggable type of music.

I don't know if I'll buy their album, but their concert was good.

Next was Truckasaurus, a band I'd been hearing about for a good while and was pretty excited to see. Every several months I become obsessed with 8 bit for less than a day, purists make me cringe because the sounds a gameboy make are grinding to listen to. I was one of those who welcomed standard electro into the 8 bit world and feel that the genre has improved because of it. If I were taking massive quantities of speed and/or coke, regular 8-bit would be pallatable, but seeing as I don't, it isn't. Check out Truckasaurus if you get the chance, their show packed Neumo's and had people dancing in the balcony. I hear that is hard to do. Also, I apologize for the camerawork, I was drunk.

Next was the Gossip. This band has roots where I live, down in Olympia, WA, and that would make most locals think that I would like them. Wrong. The Gossip was okay although maybe it was just the hundreds of people jammed together like sardines making my life a living hell.

The last band I saw was probably the main reason I decided to go to the concert in the first place. Sonic Youth is a great band that I've been into for a while now and I jumped at the chance to see them in concert.

They played mostly new music, but thats okay. If you've read my review of their new album you know how I feel about them. Even though they are an older band, they still play as well as if they were still in their twenties. You should've seen the mosh pit.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Capitol Hill Block Party Part 1

Last weekend, I went to a two day, 3 stage music festival. Capitol Hill Block Party, sponsored KEXP, KNDD (better known as The End), and The Stranger, attracts less well known bands than Bumbershoot (the other big Seattle music festival) and so I find them much more interesting. This is a 2 Part chronicling of my times at the festival:

Thursday, July 23rd:
Hitched a ride up from Olympia and got to parents house around midnight, went to sleep.

Friday, 24th:
Got to the Block Party just after 4 and tried to get my bearings. I had just walked all the way from downtown Seattle and was catching my breath. It was really hot out there. I could hear The Dutchess and The Duke playing from where I was sitting and was not impressed. I wandered looking for good music until 5:15 when I found and caught the tail end of Band of Skulls. I wish I had caught the full set; They ended up being really good.
I went to check out Bow + Arrow next, I wasn't digging it so I ended up heading to the first show I was really excited about for the day. Black Lips was playing at the mainstage and was sure to draw a crowd. I was determined to get up close, but got stuck pretty far back.

I bought their album after the show. Their punk vibe with some of the markers of their southern psychedelic rock sensibilities created a sound I wished I came up with myself.

Deerhunter followed immediately after Black Lips and played well. I’ve been excited about Deerhunter since I picked up their album about a year ago and was really jazzed when I saw that I could see them in concert. They were a full quarter of why I came to the Block Party.

Their vocal effects broke within the first 5 minutes of them playing and they still did a great set. They are definitely more of a recording-centric band, but their live show is still worth seeing. I recommend picking up their album, Microcastle. It has a nice flow from beginning to end.

After Deerhunter, I headed over to the Vera stage and found nice place to sit and recuperate for the final show I’d be seeing that night. Another quarter of the reason I went to the Block Party was Starfucker.

Besides the obvious attraction of the name, Starfucker is good local band from Seattle. They come through Olympia periodically. They play really mellow synthpop, I recommend giving them a listen sometime, it might change your life.

I went home to my parents house around 1 in the morning and got a good nights sleep. I would need it for the next day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


When people don't have anything to talk about, they usually talk about the weather.
When someone isn't so committed to actually talking about anything, they only talk about the weather when its exceptionally good/bad.
Today, the weather might be characterized as too good in Olympia, Washington. The high for today is a balmy 104 degrees, what must be a record for the area. I've taken to hiding in the air-conditioned halls of the Evergreen State College library while downloading podcasts for my animation. Soon I will have to venture out into the non-air-conditioned world and go to dinner with a friend. I doubt it will cool off tonight, at least not enough to cool off the house at night. This is what LA is like; This is why my family left California. At least I can prove that I can in fact live in LA and not die.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

World of Warcraft... the movie?

It was just announced within the past day that there is to be a World of Warcraft movie coming out in the coming couple years. Sam Raimi has signed on as director (for now) and that means that:

1. It will probably be humorous
2. There is a good chance Bruce Campbell will be involved

The main worry I have about this movie is that it is a WoW movie. It's existence validates the millions (yes the numbers are in the millions) of people who don't go outside because they are too busy playing the game. I fear for our culture. If Bruce Campbell is in the movie I HAVE to see it though.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bumbershoot 2009

Two posts in less than 24 hours, I'm on fire!

While looking through the lineup I discovered a few gems that you may have never heard of before, the first of which is Dead Confederate. They are playing Monday.

Dead Confederate - The Rat

Dead Confederate :: The Rat (Aquarium Drunkard Session) from Aquarium Drunkard on Vimeo.

Excited doesn't begin to explain how I feel about this.

Also on Monday is Akron/Family. Akron/Family is a band I've been familiar with for over a year and had not heard anything about recently. I suspect that the band is from Akron, Ohio and in fact a family. (in the Hippy commune and drug use sense) Weird psychadelic music with out there lyrics, screw it I'm in.

Metric is playing Monday as well, I am extremely excited to see them play. I'm a long time fan.

Mirah, a K Records (Olympia, WA Indie Record Label) artist, is also playing Monday. She's freaking great and appeals to all my Olympia sensibiliies.

Also, Truckasaurus:

Then of course there are the two headliners for that day, Franz Ferdinand and Modest Mouse. This my friends is why I am going to Bumbershoot on Monday if not for any other day.

Other Cool bands playing other days for you poor saps not going Monday:
Saturday: Elvis Perkins in Dearland, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head

Sunday: Holy Fuck, Helio Sequence